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Crizal® Prevencia®, Varilux® Digitime™ & Eyezen™ Lenses

Cowan’s Optical is excited to offer 3 innovative products Canadians have needed for years: Crizal® Prevencia®, Varilux® Digitime™ and Eyezen™ in St John’s. These lenses can protect your eyes from damage due to frequent digital device use.

Relieve Back, Neck & Shoulder Pain
So many of us are suffering from shoulder, back or neck pain from straining forward to read your computer screen. Many frequently suffer headaches, eyestrain or dry eyes at work, and you may not even realize that your eyesight is being affected by the blue light in electronic devices. Your eyes need a break, and Cowan’s Optical can provide it with these 3 optical lenses.

Reduce Eye Aging
If you spend all day in front of a computer, you’re a perfect candidate for these eye-saving products. Likewise, if you’re constantly looking at your smartphone or digital pad, you need the protection these lenses offer. Some can actually reduce long-term eye damage; as they lessen visual fatigue, improve contrast for easier daytime viewing, reduce glare and blue-violet light and make small characters easier to read. The total of all these protections add up to slower aging of your eyes!

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